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Mistress Salem Tapping Into Your Mind JOI Asmr


Tap, tap, tap. Powerful mesmerizing sensual domination with a subtle ASMR trigger. I am dripping in this gorgeous new shiny latex dress and crystal encrusted high heels. I have a new trigger for you slave. It feels so good to be owned by Me. I tease you, inviting you closer. Don’t be afraid. Stare into My eyes and let go- it’s just you and Goddess now. Breathe in deeply and gaze upon perfection. My voice allures you whispering to you as I stare into your eyes. I have complete control now. I take you deep. I take you through mantras. I begin to lightly tap on the bottom of My sparkly high heels. The sound sends tingles down your spine. My long manicured fingernails tapping the soles of My shoes as I sensually guide you through a deep journey to your orgasm. Tap, tap, tap. The new feeling that I give you – you are finally beginning your true journey with Goddess – Listen to the subtle sound, My sexy voice, you know you need Me now

Date: March 15, 2021

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