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Ms Vivian Leigh How to Properly Care for your Sissy


Deciding to have a sissy slut as a pet is a huge commitment. You should do all your research before you decide to get a sissy and make sure you are prepared to take on this huge responsibility. I will discuss with you in this clip, the proper ways to care for a sissy to make sure she is healthy and happy. Sissies require regular ass fuckings unicorn bedroom decor, satin panties, frilly dresses and of course they have to eat! If you think that a sissy eats regular food you are DUMB DUMB DUMB. Feeding a sissy is a complicated task. They only eat cum and only the cum of black men with huge squirting cocks. It requires about 4oz of cum per day to keep your sissy well-fed. Most do not realize just how much cum that is, but it’s a lot. And it can’t be just the cum from one black man, you have to be able to collect cum from multiple black men, you’ll need contributions from about 4 different black men per day. Black men are generally happy to jerk off and cum into a container for you to feed your sissy, so just walk up to one and ask! Then you will mix all the cum together in a bottle and feed it to your sissy. They will eat about 1-2oz per sitting. After your sissy has guzzled her cum, she will become lovable and docile. Watch the video to learn all the other details about proper sissy keeping. And watch for more videos! Proper sissy discipline will be available in the next episode.Published Jun 29, 2018Sissy Fetish, Sissy Training$16.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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