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Olivia Rose Cum For Satan 039 s Valentine


You are on what you think is a great date with a good wholesome Christian woman. You are both free on Valentine’s Day so you take her to dinner even though it is your first date. At first she seems alright. She is pretty, bubbly, and she bakes! She just happened to bake you a homemade treat. A white chocolate peanut butter shaped heart. You take three bites, and all of the sudden you’re out. The next thing you know is that you’re mentally and magically bound and sitting in front of a hot latex clad woman. It’s your date! She is no longer the mousy girl you were at dinner with. She is speaking inside your head! She starts to explain how she catfishes guys by playing the perfect Christian woman. She finds those little virginal lambs and steals their cum for Satan! That is right! You stumbled upon a Jezebel on your Christian dating site! She finds that these are the best sites to find the type of man who’s cum she needs. She mesmerizes you with her perfect latexed body. She knows you just can’t resist and soon your cum will be hers all for her unholy God. You will cum and give it all to him in Satan’s name! There’s no turning back now Christian boy, your cum belongs to her!

Date: March 15, 2021

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