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Panic Lovers Zoe Cruel Straight Scissors KOs


Zoe says: I applied my first straight scissors on my slave and instantly realised that this is a very a powerful hold. I make sure to sit on the shoulders of my slave in order to have his neck right in my crotch so I could squeeze him even harder. I grab his hands and tightly press them down onto the bed to make sure he has no chance of even trying to seperate my legs around his neck. He squirms and moves a lot, tries to break his hands free 🙂 However, I do not let him, I make him pass every time 🙂 I tried to apply some figure 4s but to be honest I couldn’t get the hold right so I went back to straight scissors again 🙂 I promise I’ll learn the hold correctly and squeeze the life out of my slave in a future video with a figure 4 hold :)Category: SCISSORHOLD, MIXED WRESTLING, WRESTLING, SMOTHER, FEMDOM

Date: March 15, 2021

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