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POVHumiliation Veronica Ricci Tiny Dick Assturbator


Face it! you’re not a man…. the closest a weasel dick wankbrain like you gets to a pretty GIRL’S ASS is when you’re watching it on your COMPUTER SCREEN!!! LOL!! VERONICA knows ALL about stupid losers like you, jerkoff! You can’t get a girl like ME, so you have to download movies like this and MASTURBATE!!! Don’t mistake HER smiles for kindness, betaboy ?? She KNOWS you have an ADDICTION, and THAT’S what she’s smiling about, sissy loser, cuz she’s gonna make that addiction GROW and GROW!! LOL! Soon you’ll be DREAMING of PAYING to get up close to Veronica’s ASS. Too bad the the only way a sissified loser like you can do that is as follows – locked away in your little wanker room, gazing and drooling and groaning and moaning, while you work your sad little dick cuz NO Girl every wants to touch you! Just the way it SHOULD be! Wanna taste, slimeball? Keep DREAMING fucktard! Pay to STARE at VERONICA’S ASS and JERK your little dick, while She makes fun of what a rejected imbecile you are, and talks about the MEN She WANTS!!! She looks you right into your trembling soul and asks Do you think I’M a Spoiled BITCH!?? Careful now loser, you’re crumbling. Well I AM!!!!! Steady now pussyboy, you don’t want to end up another ENSLAVED SHORT DICK ASSTURBATOR JERKOFF JUNKIE for VERONICA, now DO YOU??? Awwww, you doooooo, shimpysissy?? HAHAHAHA! Now you’re falling in love with all VERONICA’S mean CURVES, as you find yourself moaning in lonely-loser-ecstasy, while SHE giggles and eats away at all those pitiful neurons! Maybe I’ll let you take me SHOPPING to make up for your sad DICK!Don’t fight it shrimpdick – you KNOW Veronica’s the embodiment of your darkest fantasies – a DOMINANT, BEAUTIFUL GODDESS who wants NOTHING more from you than turning you into HER measly, GENEROUS, beta ASS-SLAVE!! you’ll probably have a HARD time holding back your loser goo while SHE ensnares you, spooger. But you should wait for the climax, and do what u need to do to follow VERONICA’S instructions so u can release JUST the way she commands!!! Time to JOIN the CLUB, jerkoff. Look on the bright side – you actually get to BELONG to something for once! And membership DOES have its PRIVILEGES – too bad they’re all for VERONICA, as SHE brands HER stupid obedient ASS COWS!! Happy tugging, tiny dick ASSturbator! It’s time for your INITIATION!!! LOL!!!!

Date: March 15, 2021

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