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Princess Ashley Cocksucker for My Ass Custom


Custom clip order – “Visually I would like this to be an ass worship clip.Preferably on a bed, I really love the way your ass looks when you are on all-fours and showing it off from all angles. Start by saying I know you want my ass and you will let me jerk to it under one condition.. You say I have suck something dick shaped while I jerk it to your ass. After you get me sucking and deepthroatiing you notice I didn’t get a cucumber or a banana and you’re kinda surprised to notice it’s a Peter North replica model cock. You laugh and tell me to jerk my big dick to your ass some more. as I am jerking and sucking away I want you to turn super aggressive and tell me I look like a fucking faggot jerking my rock-hard dick while I pretend it’s peter north’s big dick in my mouth. I want you to be aggressive and relentless as you call me names(FAGGOT,FAG,HOMO,DICKSUCKING-FLAMER,QUEER,GAYBOY,FAGBOYCUMGUZZLING…) keep showing off your ass while you tell me to jerk my big gay cock-loving dick. Tell me how you were going to turn me gay by sucking a fucking cucumber but my faggot ass brought a fucking peter north replica to the party lol.. Tell me that’s why I am going to get a messy fucking gay facial at the end of this, and the reason why it’s gay is because it’s shooting out of my gay dick. tell me I don’t deserve to have such a big dick because it only get’s fucking hard for other big hard dicks and giant peter north cumshots lol…. Finish with a cei countdown and tell me I’m fucking gay.. Thank you”

Date: March 15, 2021

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