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Princess Breanna Blackmailing the Teacher


Being popular is not as easy as it looks. I don’t have any extra time to waste on studying for my stupid class. You see that my grades aren’t doing so well and offer to help. At first I’m utterly disgusted at the thought, but then I see an opportunity! I tell you to come over after school because I’m eager to improve my grades. As you arrive and enter my bedroom, your not surprised to see me wearing my usual short shorts and a low cut tank top. You try not to pay attention to my sexy young body but it’s very hard for you. As we get started you ask where my family is. I tell you that they aren’t home and are going to be gone a while. So it’s just me and you. As we study I start flirting with you and admit that all the girls in class think you’re hot; including me. You can’t believe one of your hot young students actually wants to have sex with you! You hesitate my advancements for a moment then quickly give in. I slowly do a strip tease for you as you undo your pants. As you pull your dick things take a turn for the worse. Looks like you fell right into my little plan. Before you leave, I’m going to make sure all of my grades are changed to As and I get extra shopping money every time you get paid. I wouldn’t try resisting either. You don’t want to end up in jail and divorced. Hahaha I hold your sad, boring pathetic life in my hands. This hot young student just became your boss!

Date: March 15, 2021

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