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Princess Ellie Idol DON 039 T DISAPPOINT ME EAT IT


Even when I make you cum directly into your own mouth, you still don’t swallow. You’re going to make a promise to me today and I hope you keep it. I’ll get you fucked up first on p*pp*rs. Then you’ll take a saved load from earlier and edge before you swallow it down. You will NOT cum unless you have swallowed that load. I’ll reward you with a nice popshot to the face if you can get over your fears. You WILL eat your cum, or I’ll be thoroughly disappointed in you. You’ll also need to make it up to me. Think you can do it? Eat it for Ellie!CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, JOI, CEI, FEMALE DOMINATION, MIND FUCK, SENSUAL DOMINATIONPrice: $14.39 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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