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Princess Lexie My Summer Was Better Than Yours


Well, it’s the unofficial end of summer. you’ve always loved summer for one main reason: bikinis. Yep, seeing hot girls like Me in cute little bikinis is just another reminder that you’re far inferior to us. And comparing how I spent My summer to how you spent yours just rubs that in even more. I mean, what did you do all summer? you slaved away, all day long, earning money for ME! And what did I do all summer? I laid around by the pool, went shopping with My girlfriends, took an amazing trip to Europe. I didn’t have to ‘work’ at all. lololol I mean, My summer obviously trumps your summer, because I win at life. So how ’bout we end the summer right and both do what we do best: you buy this clip, and listen to Me talk about My perfect life while you sit there with your dick in your hand.

Date: March 15, 2021

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