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Princess Lexie Sissy Homewrecking JOI


Sissy Homewrecking JOIHey loser, are you ready for another jerk-off session? Are you wearing your high heels, stockings, fake boobs, dress, and wig? lol, GOOD.I know all about you, and so does your wife. What does she call your sordid activities? Ha yes, your ‘hobby’. She knows your hobby is to crossdress and masturbate every night. She knows that when she goes to bed, you creep out to your sissy shed and get dressed up in lingerie, high heels, wigs, and makeup–and jerk for hours. It’s pathetic. She knows.And I also know how much you are addicted to jerking to me. You can’t help jerking to my face, my ass, my tits, my legs, my pantyhose, my high heels, my jerk off instructions. Ha, what a fucking loser. It’s what you live for: to be dressed like a sissy, cock in hand jerking to my clips over and over again. It’s no wonder your beautiful wife no longer feels any sexual attraction to you. It’s no wonder that she keeps you pussy free. With your smooth legs and armpits, and your addiction to dressing like a sissy slut, it’s no wonder that the only sex you have is with your hand.

Date: March 15, 2021

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