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Princess Lexie Teasing the Sissy


I know My perfect little ass gets you so excited, especially when I wear this sexy black bodysuit. So I have a little twist in mind for you today. I want you to get a big butt plug, and each time I flash My Princess ass to the camera, I want you to slide that plug up your slutty little hole. In and out, with each flash of My butt-you know I’m just going to be DESTROYING your fuck hole! But the fun doesn’t stop there, you little sissy. Nope, I think it’s time for some public humiliation tasks while I’m teasing you with My body. I’m going to tell you exactly how you should dress as My slutty little sissy whore, doesn’t that sound fun? And then once you’re all dressed up-it’s obviously time to hit the streets! Hahahaha…we both know you’ll do ANYTHING for My amusement.

Date: March 15, 2021

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