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Princess Miki Caught Cheating by Cucky Boyfriend


I’ve been waiting for you to finally call Me out. All those late nights at work, after hours? The amount of times I’ve been “out for lunch with girlfriends” until the late hours of the evening? It’s pathetic that you’ve been sitting around, silent.Today I decided to make it more obvious, wearing My sexy heels and having My stockings out in full display under My trench coat. I used My usual “going out for lunch” excuse, but this time, you caught it.I slip out of My coat and model what My lunch date attire is. It’s painfully obvious now, what I’ve been up to this whole time — so I “come clean” and lay it out for you: almost every time I’ve been gone during odd hours, I’ve been fucking My hot coworker.I give you permission to undress and stroke your pathetic, cucky cock in front of Me, and I mock you for the fact that this is the first time in a long time that I’ve allowed you to be hard in front of Me.You stroke to all the things Me and My stud have planned for the day, and some of the plans involve you… including the fact that you will be paying for our dinner date while you sit alone on the other side of the restaurant, and that you will be watching us fuck in the bed that we share.The best part is… you’ll be tasting My pussy for the first time in forever as well… after he shoots his huge load inside Me.

Date: March 20, 2021

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