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Princess Mira My Husbands Sexlife In Chastity


You know I really love my husband and we are together more than 6 years but I must admit he is a natural born soft cock loser. He is a nice and smart guy but completely a submissive unmanly bitch and with his “CUM EATING CUCKOLD” belly tattoo I think he is the most famous cuckold slave in the world. Our kinky cuckold / femdom lifestyle is 100% public so he has no other option than serve me and my lovers without any conditions while he lives a “pussy free” life!He has to wear chastity permanently and I let him jerk off himself in every second week . Now I give you a little taste of his sexual life and you can imagine yourself in his shoes . I sit on his locked cock and ride him without mercy while I humiliate him verbally as well.His pathetic cock can feel my hot juicy pussy but his erection is impossible and the cold steel compresses his cock

Date: March 15, 2021

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