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Purecfnm Joscylin Brooks Reese Richards Lost My Ball


Reece and Joslyn are enjoying the Florida sun when a football lands in their garden. The guy from next door comes to get his ball back but the girls aren’t going to give it to him that easily. They want to see his cock if he wants his ball back. He refuses but then realises they are serious and undoes his trousers. The girls drop the ball in shock when they see how small his dick is. They laugh their heads off as they point and stare at his little willy. It’s the smallest cock they have ever seen and they wonder if it even works. They start to touch it and stroke it to see if it gets bigger and the two girls even show him their beautiful young tits to get him excited. They continue to giggle and verbally abuse him for his small dick but this seems to arouse him and he spunks all over their hands. OK, so it works, but I still wouldn’t fuck something that small the girls say laughing.

Date: March 21, 2021

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