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Reality Girls Scissors Beaten And Humiliated 4K


The gymnast Maria Jade challenges Pete to “Do Somethin’” as she dominates him in her skin-tight wrestling outfit. Her muscular arms encircle his neck in a rear naked choke she turns into a combo hold with a bodyscissors. She pours the power on his ribs. “Try to get out,” she taunts him. She is much stronger than he is; her new fitness routine — her skill — she presses away his wind and kicks him away. She tells him “Look at me,” and cranks on a front headscissors with “my rock-hard steel thighs, gotta do squats every day to get these kinds of quads.” She tells him she’s about to hurt him in her legs. He thinks it’s bad. A front headscissors makes him dizzy and she throws him back into her steel quads for a straight headscissors. A double foot choke into another headscissors. pete hates submissions and is a little bitch on the ground. Maria hates him and presses down HOM. She pins him against the wall then pushes him down at her feet; her legs are impossible through which to suffer. She gets mad that he talks again and flattens him in a rear naked choke and gra pevine. She humiliates him, telling him “stay down; I don’t think you can hang” calling him an old man when he thinks he looks young. She laughs at him, standing over him. “Something about you makes me want to stand on your pathetic face.” Maria does not like Pete. She stomps his balls. She scares him feigning stomping his face and takes his back. A brutal bodyscissors hurts his ribs; he’s dazed and scared. She takes her top off and throws it at him, intimidating him. She says he reminds her of a garbage can. A SGP. She slaps him in the face, humiliating Pete, choking him in a gymnastic hold. HOM. The veins and muscles in her forearms flex. She throws his face into her ass and powers on a reverse headscissors. She ass sits him, bounces her gymnast ass on his throat. She makes him fight and throws him down, twisting his neck and calling him “a little sissy short guy” humiliating him and making him tap, proving she’s stronger, laughing at his pain.

Date: March 15, 2021

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