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Red Rabbit Dick Misery


Your misery makes me laugh! You know I enjoy CBT a little more than most and so you come to me for perfectly sadistic sessions that leave you questioning your , and maybe my , sanity! But you do it , don ‘t you? You put that dick in the misery that makes me happiest! You ‘re only too willing to be vulnerable as I command endless misery for your entire package , and then some! This time is no different. My domineering personality and wild red -haired temperament bring you to the edge of pain and pleasure. I want to see you writhe for me with slaps , punches , knuckle grinds , pinching and pulling , and the mintiest toothpaste around! Sound fun?…or , at least , sound like something you can submit to in order to give me the happiness and pleasure I deserve?

Date: March 20, 2021

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