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Red Rabbit Pain is a Compliment


Attentive pain is such a wonderful compliment for the sub who serves well. Pain , humiliation , and perhaps a chance to blow your load with my permission. My approval is all you need and when Miss Rabbit decides it ‘s time to earn it , you fall to your knees and suffer dutifully. You ‘ll love watching Me tease you in this beautiful beta -bought lingerie , especially when you ‘re smearing toothpaste or icy hot on your drippy dick for Me. Don ‘t worry , that ‘s not all. How could I ever praise good boys with such a light dose of torment? You ‘ll be spanking yourself with a wooden spatula /spoon /small flat paddle , too! Are you squirming with uncomfortable delight? Good. You need this. You ‘ll also need rubber bands because my benevolence does not end at the pasting and the slapping of your pathetic body. Your balls deserve a nice , tight , approving hug too. It ‘s going to hurt , boy , but the pain I deliver to you is a compliment!

Date: March 21, 2021

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