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Sarah DiAvola Ramadan Week 1


This month, you will come closer to the True God: Sarah DiAvola. I will make you spit on everything that is holy to you, and desecrate your entire religion. Let’s get those foolish beliefs out of your head and indoctrinate you with My teachings. As an introduction to My 5-week holy rededication, I want you to commit the sin of sodomy with your mouth, on a big fat cock. With your Quran close at hand. Make that praying mouth in to a sucking hole for Me. I will verbally degrade you and describe every single thing I’m making you do. I rip out the pages of this holy book. I spit inside of it, all over the words, and disrespect your Quran – because that is not your god anymore. I am your God. Pray to Me. Suck cock for Me. Go to hell for Me.Published Jun 5, 2017Oral Servitude, Religious

Date: March 15, 2021

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