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ScissorVixens Sablique Von Lux Sablique s SCISSOR Play


Sablique’ SCISSORS literally force her victim’s eyes to well up with tears from their BRUTAL POWER!!*6 ft. tall Amazon Sablique Von Lux returns for what is easily one of our SEXIEST, and of course always BRUTAL, SCISSORGASM videos ever!It really doesn’t get any sexier than this!Towering over her little 5’6″ tall boy-toy, Sablique introduces him to her interpretation of foreplay asking him…”You like foreplay, right?”.But he has no idea that Sablique’s form of foreplay involves her SQUEEEEEZZING the living daylights out of him where the more pain he’s in, the more pleasure she gets!Watch as Sablique pulsates her thighs around his scrawny neck as TEARS (literally!) start to stream down his face from the incredible power of her lethal scissors!“Are those tears!?”, she asks after noticing them streaking down his face.Unable to respond Sablique goes back to what gets her off…more of the sexiest, yet most devastating, scissors you’ll ever see!At one point Sablique grabs him by the back of the head and shoves his nose tightly against her pussy then clamps down while telling him…”Now this may be a little more fun for you!”.But of course the only one having fun is Sablique as she touches her naked breasts in a near orgasm while watching him struggle to breath!Then it’s on to wrapping her loooooong legs around his frail body first in an excruciating figure-4 that has him yelping in pain and then later in a devastating bodyscissors where she tells him…”Go ahead and scream…no one can hear you!”.Sablique’s Scissor Play is designed to weaken her boy-toy to the point where she can do whatever she wants to his drained body but Sablique is having so much fun she decides she’ll finish the job on the floor!She starts by sitting on his chest, pulling his face up to her crotch and starts to gyrate back and forth and up and down while building up to the climatic end.After moving her brutal scissors to the side she really pours on the pressure seemingly unaware that her boy-toy is on his way out while she’s finally getting off!So for those who enjoy our scissorgasm-style videos, this is one video that won’t disappoint!Check out SEXY Sablique Von Lux in ‘Sablique’s SCISSOR Play!’.Category: AMAZONSRelated Categories: FEMALE SUPREMACY, FEMALE DOMINATION, SCISSORHOLD, MIXED WRESTLING, WRESTLING

Date: March 20, 2021

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