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Superior Woman Financial Heatwave


A financial heatwave is coming. It’s going to be really to be really hot. Those cravings are going to rip through you. You won’t be ale to cool down. Just days of relentless edging until the financial heatwave passes. Once that temperature starts rising nothing will cool you down. Once you start, nothing will stop that heatwave from skyrocketing. Perfect timing that this financial heatwave should coincide with your payday. You deserve your treats don’t you. You haven’t had one of those mega financial spends for a long time now have you. That financial heatwave is coming to rip its way through your body. The timing, the temperature is perfect, perfect to indulge, perfect for those pervy fantasies to be played with as you worship my divine body. Starting at my toes and working you way up my body. This financial heatwave is going to last for days because you can’t calm down as you fall deeper and deeper in lust for me.

Date: March 15, 2021

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