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Sweet Maria Pick A Dick


I have been waiting, as well as training you for this day: the day when fantasies turn into reality. My fantasies, of course, because I could not care less about your wants and so called “needs”. Your role as My slave is to obey, blindly, no questions asked; that is, after all, the definition of slavery. And you knew from the moment you first laid eyes on me that you no longer had any free will, that I was your Master. Want to stand out from the crowd of men eagerly waiting to suck cock for Me? To swallow cum for Me? Then let’s take your devotion to the next level and let’s pick a dick. Pick a male **** and have a rendez-vous with him, beta boy. Swallow his cock and cum and then tell me what he tasted like. That is an order. Otherwise, your fate will be chastity. Forever xx

Date: March 15, 2021

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