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Lance comes home, shocked to find his girlfriend messing around on the sofa with famous pornstar, Christian Wilde.� He’s shocked, jealous, and humiliated.� Most of all he’s just worried that Pixie is breaking up with him.“Oh no!” She says with a smile, “I don’t want to break up.� I just want to add him into the mix…� You know how you can never make me cum…” she says right in front of Christian, “I think this will help me get off…”Lance is bewildered.� Before he can gather his thoughts, Pixie grabs him by the penis, squeezes hard and brings him to his knees.� She puts his face right up against Christian’s cock, bulging through his jeans.� She makes him rub his face against his big cock.� Then she tells him to suck it.Pixie gleefully puts her new lover’s cock in her boyfriend’s mouth and chocked him with his own necktie while he sucks it.� “Get him nice and hard for me…”After some major fluffing and humiliation, Christian tells Pixie that he really wants to cum all over her tits.� The two leave Lance on the ground, humiliated…� When they return, Lance’s girlfriend is topless with a mouthful of cum and even more cum dripping from her tits.She sweetly kisses her boyfriend, spitting Christian’s cum in his mouth, then grabs his cock and makes him swallow.� Then she makes him lick the rest up off her tits.Christian chimes in, “Hey bro, I can teach you how to fuck her… I mean, I’m a pro…� I got a strap-on in my car…”Now Pixie Von Bat is slamming her strap-on cock into her boyfriend, while her new lover, Christian Wilde is using a hitachi vibrator on her pussy from behind.� She listens’s to Christian’s pointers on how to fuck her boyfriend as he brings her to orgasm multiple times. �She fucks Lance in a couple different positions, then makes him suck off Christian while she continues to pound his ass.� She smiles in bliss the entire time while they spit roast her boyfriend. �Pixie wants to feed Lance even more cum, so she gets him on his knees and plays with Christian’s cock in front of Lance’s face.� When she gets him close to cumming, she has Lance wrap his lips around his cock and take the full load.CUCKOLD, ENCOURAGED BI, COCK SUCKING, HUMILIATION, CUM EATING, SNOWBALL, NICE NATURAL TITS, COCK SQUEEZING, FEMDOM STRAPON, PEGGING, PANTYHOSE, PIGTAILS

Date: March 21, 2021

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