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The Mean Girls Princess Amber Human Pi ata


Princess Amber and I were super excited for the party tonight! I found out that the party was going to have a big piñata filled with lots of money, and I needed to make sure that Princess Amber and I would win it all. I decided that the best way to train to kick butt at the party was….a human piñata. I strung my slave up to the ceiling by its ankles and wrists to surprise Princess Amber. She loved it! We proceeded to practice our piñata smashing on our human piñata while making it sing fiesta songs to us….hahahaha! I think that we will have more fun with my human piñata than we will winning all the money at the party later. The Mean Girls NEVER lose.Caning Fantasy, Female Domination-FemDomCorporal Punishment Fantasy, Handcuff Fetish, Restraints Fetish,

Date: March 15, 2021

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