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The Mean Girls Princess Mia Shock It til It Sinks 1080 HD


Sometimes when I’m at the Manor, I get really annoyed with the various losers, and this retarded Ginger is one of the biggest sources of My migraines. So what better way than to take out My frustrations than to combine several of the things it likes the least. Draya told Me all about how this loser hates having the ball shocker strapped on it, and better yet, how afraid the thing is of the pool because it can’t swim. Bwahahahahaha…. THAT IS SO FUCKING PERFECT… SHOCK IT WHILE IT TREMBLES IN FEAR OF SINKING IN THE DEEP END….OMG these losers are so utterly pathetic… watch as I zap it repeatedly while it is in the water that makes every zap that much more painful… this dawg shock collar is meant for “Stubborn Large Breeds” and a stupid and brain-daed ginger fits that description to a tee… get the clip and see if the thing survives…Prince$$ MiaKeywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Mia, Young Mistress, Ballshocker, Ball Abuse, CBT, Electric Play, Electric, Swimming, CFNM, Underwater Fetish, The Mean Girls, MiamiMeanGirls, AmericanMeanGirls, The Mean Girls Club

Date: March 15, 2021

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