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The Queendom Jada Never Breaks Character


“Are we taking a break?” Madam Jada asks her slave when she notices him laying on the couch, falling out cold. The slave tries to say yes, but he’s interrupted by Madam Jada dropping her beautiful ass on his chest! Not only does Jada’s magnificent ass cover the slave’s entire chest and stomach; she makes sure to sit so her thigh presses right up against the slave’s nose and mouth, sealing off the slave’s air supply while she crushes his chest! The slave tries to say that he’s already sore and exhausted from being crushed and smothered for so long, but Jada isn’t listening. Instead she grabs a plate and starts scarfing down some delicious pizza while crus**** her favorite furniture slave. “Didn’t you want me to sit on you?” she asks without moving her thigh from the slave’s face. “You took up the whole couch so where was I supposed to sit?” she asks with a little laugh. “I could move,” her seat blurts out during the one second Jada gives him to breathe. “I like to sit on you so its ok,” she says, dropping her smooth thigh back down over the slave’s mouth. The slave tries to beg Jada to let him up, he hasn’t eaten yet and would love a piece of pizza, but Jada isn’t in the mood to share! Or to stop sitting! “I’m the one doing all the work!” she says after turning to bury the slave’s face directly under her wonderful ass. “I never get out of character! Always stay ready they say!” Indeed with Madam Jada squashing and smothering men comes quiet naturally. Any male foolish enough to lay on a couch around Jada risks having the life slowly crushed and smothered out of him beneath Jada’s beautiful amazon body! Only Jada knows how long this slave will stay buried beneath her or if he’ll even survive!

Date: March 15, 2021

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