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The Queendom Madam Jada Stuck In Jada s Ass


“Do you like my new toy?” Jada asks, laughing as she walks across the room with her slave’s face strapped to her ass! The slave’s face is buried deep between Jada’s big, soft, pillow cheeks and held tightly in place by the smother harness. It takes all of the slave’s strength to pull his nose far enough out of Jada’s crack to draw even a little air, but the harness pulls his face back in each time. When Jada pushes her ass back against the slave’s face it tightens the harness, sealing off all air and totally suffocating the slave! “I know you really can’t breathe now,” she laughs, raising and lowering her ass over and over again. “You’re not going anywhere are you?” Indeed, with his wrists bound and trapped beneath Jada there’s no way the slave can escape. “You’ll just stay stuck to me, how does that sound? Well it doesn’t matter, because that’s where you’re gonna be!” Jada tightens the straps on the harness, closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Leaving the slave trapped deep in her ass, struggling for every breath. Madam Jada, Smother Harness, Ass Smother, Bound Slave

Date: March 15, 2021

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