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Tread trample Stomp Down Insanity


Stomp Down Insanity! is one of the most extreme and severe stomping and kickings ever recorded to video. Stunningly evil Mistress Marrissa Blade is wearing very heavy Doc Martin boots. She viscously stomps Treads chest knocking him flat to the floor and possibly cracking a rib! She hits him hard in the head with a baseball bat knocking him out! She straps his hands behind his back and brutally, repeatedly kicks him in the ribs and gut! He is forced to lick the dirty bottoms of her boots until they are clean! Marrissa kicks Tread over and stands on his back. You’ll hear Tread scream as she pulls his strapped together arms up behind his back, almost pulling his shoulders out of their sockets! Over and over! This is a serious and extremely painful form of torture. Marrissa loves it! Next she cuffs his wrists to a steel spreader bar and unleashes some absolutely insane trample stomps. She jumps violently on his chest and stomach! Tread probably has a cracked rib and Marrissa doesn’t care. She says it turns her on to hear men moan! She repeatedly kicks him in the balls! She repeatedly kicks him in the ribs too, possibly cracking another one! Then it’s outside and Tread gets strung up in a tree! He is Marrissa’s personal punching bag… or more correctly, her personal kicking bag! and she unleashes massive kicks to his ribs, stomach and balls as he dangles helpless. She even uses his mouth for an ashtray! You will hear a rib crack as she hits him again with the baseball bat! This is extremely brutal, severe sadism…. At it’s very finest!

Date: March 15, 2021

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