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Valentine Network Public Plugging Predicament


Did your inferior penis hard when she held your leash and walked you out before a huge audience of laughing women??? Was your reject dick in pain as it strained against the steel chastity cage???It was so hot when I got to go out on stage and spin the wheel to decide which one of the butt plugs was goin’ up your ass. Did you like the Governess dangling the plug near your ass while the showgirls were blowing sarcastic kisses in your face and makin’ you beg for it, hahahaha.Well, did you like when the governor wiped up your beta seed off the floor with her red latex glove and made you eat it? Yea, you did huh??? I know you did, fag!In and out… in and out… awe come on… lick your lips like a hungry cumdump. The more you play with that plug, the more cum your gonna crave… in and out… in and out. That�s it fag… I see a little dribble on your cage!HUMILIATION, TEASE

Date: March 15, 2021

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