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Velvets Fantasies Jacquelyn Velvets Kayla Lael Super Blacked Out


We fade in as the lovely Kayla Lael gets a distress call detailing a dangerous hostage situation nearby. Kayla acts quickly, turning into her superheroine alter-ego, revealing a sexy pink one piece, boots, gloves, and a mask. She rushes to the scene of the crime but finds no one. Kayla has very little time to investigate, however, after she takes a sudden flurry of super-speed and nearly invisible punch attacks that leave her stunned and dazed on the ground.A set of black boots materialize in front of Kayla’s body, attached to what appears to be a sexy villainess (played by Miss Velvets). Kayla looks up and recognizes her. BLACK VELVETS! she yells…standing up to attack. She tries to punch her but the evildoer disappears only to re-appear behind her and trap her in a brutal head squeeze. Kayla’s eyes roll as she sags and eventually falls into a deep state of unconsciousness, thus sparking off one hell of a trap! The devilish Velvets tortures Super-Kayla, crushing her in a test of strength and repeatedly knocking her out with a set of impressive and super-powered attacks. She uses everything from a boot choke to a tight reverse bear hug (and more) to put the overmatched heroine out, capping the night off with a knee strike and uppercut to the jaw that leave Kayla out cold and carried away over her shoulder for what’s sure to be a night filled with more torture: Black Velvets style!Includes: punch out KOs, head squeeze KO, throat lift KO, boot throat choke KO, bear hug KO, knee strike KO, dragging, over the shoulder carry, de-masking, butt slaps, limp limb manipulation

Date: March 16, 2021

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