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Worship Goddess Jasmine Princess Samantha Diminished Dignity


When myself and Princess Samantha unite our harsh tongues hold no barriers. We won’t stop until you have not one ounce of dignity left. We won’t feel like we have done our job unless you are a broken mess, sobbing in a corner. We abuse you in every possible angle and we don’t hold back. It’s the truth, it’s just what we think of you and laughing in your ugly faces is just so much fun.Can you handle our severe humiliation and mocking? We want you to crumble to nothing more than the lowly piece of sh1.t that you are. Breaking you down with our cruel words. We are the ultimates bitches, those bratty girls that you wish would notice you for anything else but the loser that you are. Well be prepared to be ultimately ridiculed, teased and insulted in every way possible. Don’t cry too much freak!

Date: March 15, 2021

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