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Worshipjasmine Addicted To Findom


It really intrigued you and curiosity got the better. The first initial tribute sent a rush right through your body, you felt alive, you didn’t really just how horny a women could get you and you never looked back. This has been your ‘thing’ has it, your way of release, it feels your sexual desires and my greed feels like nothing else. The richer and brattier I become, the hornier and more submissive you are for me. It feels insane to pay me over and over that you are always aching for that next high, that next tribute and that next fuck you from me. I am your Queen, I own you. Everything about me melts you instantly. My horny money haemorrhaging machine you have become and to have that privilege means the world to you. It’s a vicious cycle you have willingly got yourself into, there is no way out and it feels good. You go through the same cycle every single time. You pay, you feel good, you are then filled with hate, resent to me and then you pay again. I own your income, I control your budget and I will spend spend spend until you are one broke loser. I confuse your weakened mind, my curves drain you. Being in a constant financial decline is what keeps your dick hard. Knowing you are spoiling me keeps you going. You can’t help but pay me, it’s in your bl.o.0…d.This is why you will pay for this overpriced clip. This is why you will thank me over and over again in ca£h and this is why you are a complete and utter addict toFinancial Domination. I don’t blame you, look how hot I look and look how hot I get you.. Aren’t you so glad that you came by me, that curious click has now become your addiction.

Date: March 21, 2021

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